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Now you can train with Samson Personal Training whenever the time is right for you through my FINE online coaching program! FINE is an efficient and more affordable option for those who may have a busy schedule but still want the 1 on 1 accountability and program direction of working with a trainer. Driving to and from a gym and trying to fit in a workout in your already busy schedule can be time consuming. With the FINE program I design a program you can do at home with equipment you have whenever its convieinient for you or take the workout I create for you to gym! Both come with video instruction!  Click below for more details!

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Clarence Saizon Veteran LSU fan Christian



I am an Army Gulf War Veteran, LSU alum (B.S. Dietetics) and have and have 20 years of personal training experience. Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association for 18 years, I can design aerobic and weight training programs specific to your fitness goals and provide nutritional guidance so you can reach them. In addition to my Online Program, I offer 1-on-1 Personal Training and Small Group Training in my local area. I’m located in Baton Rouge, LA, home of the LSU Tigers and Southern Jaguars! Please take the time to navigate throughout the website to see all that is offered and choose the best plan for you! Whether you are just beginning a fitness lifestyle or a well trained athlete, I am looking forward to helping you meet all of your fitness goals!

Great client results



For years, I was fortunate to maintain a healthy and slim figure with little effort. Once I entered my mid-thirties and post COVID, this was not the case. I even went to my doctor because I thought something must be wrong. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and my B12 levels were very low. After a few weeks, I did notice a change in the way I was feeling health wise but not how I looked. More importantly my confidence and drive were practically nonexistent. I decided I needed to hire a trainer to help get me back on track. The first order was to find the right Personal Trainer. I didn’t want to take classes with the masses, do virtual training sessions or rely on work out videos - I needed someone who would focus on me and customize my workouts to my body type. And let’s be honest, I needed someone to hold me accountable and push me when I thought 3 more reps or 10 more pounds was impossible. I was connected to Clarence through a previous client. He focused on my specific needs and not the “one size fits all” training program. I needed variety and to focus. Clarence provided everything I needed and more. A few months later, I never looked back. I am so grateful to Clarence for where I am today. I have lost 15 of fat loss, improved sleep, improved diet habits, increased strength and endurance, and most importantly improved self-esteem. He provides eating plans and meal ideas as well as will review your eating to help you get the best results. He creates a unique variety of exercises for me each week that challenges my abilities and insists on my extreme focus to achieve my goals. When I give him an extra day on the weekend, he makes exercising fun with activities such as kickboxing, boxing, weighted balls, and battle ropes. He makes it fun and I can admit that I look forward to chatting with him during our workouts!

Working out with Clarence was the best decision I’ve made for health!

-Diane Deslatte

I would highly recommend Clarence for personal training. He put me on a 90 day plan and it worked very well. He kept track of my food intake and held me accountable for my workouts. He is extremely knowledgeable as well as dependable and pushed me to my limits even when I wanted to give up. Try him! You will not be sorry!!!
-Suzy Halley Kleinpeter

“Having Clarence as my personal trainer has helped me achieve my goal of losing excess weight and replacing with muscle mass. My physical appearance has improved and my strength has increased tremendously. He has really helped me by giving me the tools that I need to grow”

- Calvin Richardson

Not only does Clarence keep my training on target, but he has helped me dramatically improve the range of motion on my shoulder which has been restricted for years. I'm grateful for his help and expertise. 



I had an awesome experience with Clarence! He always motivated me to do my best and taught me the skills I needed in order to properly train. He was very flexible about schedules and always found time to fit me in!

Abby Unsworth


Clarence is amazing! He goes out of his way to work with your schedule and tailors his workouts to meet your needs. He cares about his clients, even checking throughout the day to make sure they stay on track with nutrition.

-- Fallon Lambert


Been with Mr Clarence over 7 years. Guy knows his stuff!

Mike Gallant


Clarence is a great trainer. I started training with him back in 2006. He has always been very professional and a great motivator. I would recommend him for your fitness needs.

Joyce Brooks




Baton Rouge, LA


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